At Saint City North and South, we welcome everybody who walks through our door. All members regardless of age or athletic ability are invited to be a part of our fit fam. We will encourage you, push you and help you reach your individual goals!


When I was 27, I started to compete in MMA. I was always a fan of the sport, and at the time it was starting to become more and more popular. More gyms were popping up, and you could find an event to compete in if you knew where to find one. At this time, I wasn’t a mixed martial artist, but I could box so I figured that was a start. I always wanted to be a boxer since I was young, but for some reason I never chased it. Now I was ready to put in the time. After a few years of training, I finally had found a club and a team I really felt at home with. I went on to compete on and off for the next 5 years. At this time, I had started a family with my then-girlfriend, now-wife. We moved away from where my team was but I still competed in different events. It started getting harder and harder to balance family life, work, and still make time for training. I was getting older and at the level I was getting up to, if you weren’t training every day it was harder to keep up to the young talent that was on the rise. I had to make the decision to walk away from a sport that I loved. I would still get phone calls from different promoters asking if I could take a fight. It took everything in me to turn them down because I love to compete, but in my heart I knew that walking away was the best choice for me and my family.

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How Long Should Your Warm Up Be?

Why does it feel like I need 2 hours to Warm Up?

Why do we get hurt? Simply put, load exceeds capacity. When load (what you’re asking your body to do) exceeds capacity (how much your body can handle), things quickly get damaged. An extreme example is falling off a ladder and breaking your wrist. However, load can also exceed capacity more subtly and over a long period of time. This is why your back or neck start to ache after sitting 8 hours a day for a few years.

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Inflammation – Put Out the Fire!

Inflammation is at the root of almost every health condition.  And when inflammation spins out of control, pain, discomfort, and almost any “itis” condition and other health challenge sets in to ruin your life.   Before you hit the eleventh hour, consider reducing inflammation before it takes over and wreaks havoc with your health.  The ability to heal is within all of us.  Take advantage of that while it’s still easy and before you’re challenged with a major health crisis.
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