Way back when you first started CrossFit, when deciphering the whiteboard was like trying to crack the Davinci code, when the RX workouts were seen as an impossible feat. You had a choice, to quit or to stick it out. Scott Nanson was faced with this decision 18 months ago. Scott Nanson made the right decision. Be like Scott….

MEET Scott Nanson

I came into Crossfit just over 18 months ago, after several years of “prodding” by coach Liz..
At that time, I had just over a year into quitting my half a pack a day habit from the previous 15 or so years.

In the time between starting my CrossFit journey and ending that previous stage of my life, I was playing around in the gym on my own and more or less plateaued pretty quickly. I needed a better level of support along with direction on how to do things better. I was searching for a greater variety of challenges and the unlikelihood of feeling stagnant after a short time. I also missed the team aspect from playing hockey in my younger days, football and rugby throughout high school.


The community at the south side quickly filled that void and then some (and continues to do so along with the north side when I am able to get out there)!

I very quickly had to learn a few lessons. Olympic lifting which was very new to me and even more about myself. The less than stellar work life balance that I had always known (thinking it was the only way to be successful) was definitely not a better way. Certainly not as fulfilling as I had once previously thought.

Starting out after the introductory classes, I thought there would be no way I would be able to do an Rx workout, bar muscle up or ever be good at the Olympic lifting. Yup, wrong horse to bet on before I truly understood what seems impossible today is just a matter of practice, time and effort put into the process. And it is a process, a sweaty, sweaty process, an occasional missing shirt, usually followed with “it didn’t look that bad of a workout on the whiteboard” when you finally remember how to breath normally again. Then start thinking how to do it better next time once you stop asking “how was that a good idea first place”. Good times that I would not give up for anything!


Constantly learning is a great motivator to me, if you are not learning, you really are not living to what your full potential can be.

As we all know, not every day is a PR day and sometimes the not so good days (usually the ones with double-unders and/or copious amounts of burpees) can pile up. But, I force myself (so I’m a little stubborn…) to remember few things.

Do something good today, work on doing it better tomorrow.

Embrace the bad days as much as the good days, it serves as a reminder there is more to learn.

And for me the most important..

Always forward, but never forget the people that supported you to get here.

I am thankful every day for these lessons and for the absolutely fantastic support of the community, a place where we all have a vested interest in seeing each other succeed every single day.


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