Meet Saint City North member Steve Rooker. Steve turned his back to the wind and gave CrossFit a go. He showed that if you never try you’ll never know what you’re capable of and that the burden of never trying is heavier than what the barbell will ever be. Steve, we are so glad you gave CrossFit a go and are a part of the Saint City Community.

MEET Steve Rooker

Through out the course of my life I have always enjoyed sports and played them throughout high school. After high school sports had ended, I was introduced to the gym and quickly fell in love with the “conventional” gym style workouts.

In the beginning I worked out often and stayed dedicated to going to the gym. As time went on, I would be diligent for 5-7 months then things would get boring again and i’d slow down on the gym, eventually stop going and only continue when I felt I had to. I continued that off and on cycle for many years.

During that time my wife Patricia had started crossfit at saint city.  I would tease her about it constantly. I’d send her YouTube crossfit fail video’s and make fun of it all the time. I am an introvert so the idea of a “group type” exercise class did not appeal to me at all. Plus it looked pretty dangerous with the poor form, high rep videos that I had seen.
Eventually Patty got tired of me teasing her(go figure). She told
me I couldn’t tease her, until I had done the intro course at Saint City.  She signed me up and told me I was going. I reluctantly agreed and attended the class with Coach Auty as the instructor.

Let me tell you I was humbled by just the intro classes! The emphasis was on form and control before rounds of high rep workouts were introduced.

I completed those and started to do a few of the regular classes. I was shocked at how fit the members of the gym were! The skill that they had with the gymnastics movements, Oly lifting and cardio endurance was incredible! I thought I was in decent shape, and I was being destroyed on a regular basis!

After that I was hooked! What drew me in and continues to keep me coming back is that there are so many different skills to master. Between the Olympic lifts, gymnastics skills and overall cardiovascular endurance, crossfit is a diverse and functional way of staying healthy and being fit for everyday life.
I had been going continually for about 2years when I decided to try Brian’s individualized programming. He challenges your strengths and targets your weaknesses to improve all areas of your fitness. Since then I feel like I’ve grown even more as an athlete and mastered skills I thought I never would! (Handstand walking 🙂 )

At 38 years old I’m definitely in the best shape of my life and I am looking forward to many more years of functional fitness training. My only regret is that I didn’t find crossfit when I was 18!

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