Meet Saint City South member, Tiana Ewing.  Tiana shows we only have the physical capacity to be as strong as we mentally think we are and that having a growth mindset, allows us to realize that if we embrace challenges, strength forms. We’re excited to have you as part of the #SCFCOMMUNITY Tiana and look forward to seeing how much you can accomplish!

MEET Tiana Ewing

I was a a ballet dancer, Karate athlete and distance runner in high school, my family did CrossFit but I actually refused to try as I thought squatting past parallel was bad for your knees. It actually drove me nuts because all they would talk about was CrossFit and I had no idea what they were talking about.

I did my intro sessions at Crossfit Lineage – Saint City South, to see what all the fuss was about and ended up really liking it! However I didn’t return due to being really busy with school.

That summer (2015) I entered a CrossFit competition to get out of doing the open water swim portion of a triathlon (kind of long story here), it back-fired as I still had to swim 600 m along with do burpees, kettlebell thrusters, run, skip etc. The last event was a max snatch and clean and jerk event. I had never done these full version of these lifts but ended up with a 90 lb snatch and 130 clean and jerk first try. At that point I decided to go into just Olympic weightlifting.


In the spring of 2016 I started training with Power Plus under Larry Mathers and ended up setting the junior provincial snatch record (62 kg in the 69 kg class) in my first competition. I won junior provincials that fall and ended up tying both the total at 141kgs and the clean and jerk record at 80kgs (tying Junior Pro record) as well.

I injured my back this spring (2017) which was and had been a pretty big blow as weightlifting is a huge part of my life. Sick of being side lined I thought it would be a good idea to start cross training again. When I came up for my next semester at University of Alberta (I am doing a bachelor of science in Nutrition) I decided to give CrossFit another shot. Seeing that I did my into sessions at Lineage – Saint City South, I decided to return there. it is a super positive and welcoming atmosphere. I really like CrossFit and weightlifting and want to maximize my potential in both. That’s why I chose to go with individualized programming so that my two sports complement each other.

I really struggle with the gymnastic and conditioning side of CrossFit (weightlifter’s don’t really like cardio) but I plan on working really hard at both of these!

I hope that I perform well in the Open as well as compete at Senior Provincials and hopefully qualify for the Senior Western and/or Canadian Weightlifting Championship in 2018!

Weightlifting and CrossFit has given me so much confidence in everything I do, I’ve gone from being a super self conscious high school girl who dropped gym class as soon as possible and someone who hated falling (especially in front of people), to someone who sees challenges as an opportunity for growth. Weightlifting and CrossFit is such a welcoming and supportive community that not only allows you to become physically stronger, but also mentally.


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