Roasted Red Pepper Prawns with Chickpeas.

Last week I spoke briefly about my intense denial about summer being over, nothing has changed… You see, I grew up taking summer’s for granted, I grew up by the ocean.
Almost all of my most favourite memories involve the beach. As a kid, most of my shoes carried sand in them, camping was always by a beach, I chose beach fitness for school sport on Thursdays and I was practically a marine biologist by Grade 3, able to rattle off the name of any crab or sea creature lurking in the rocks.  When I moved to Canada I shook the sand from my shoes, but it never left my soul. “Fish and chips” will always fit my macros, actually ANY seafood will and this is how I got to making a prawn (or shrimp as it’s called here) dish. I’ve been missing the heat, got all nostalgic and craved seafood.
With that, I bring you…

Roasted Red Pepper Prawns and Chickpeas.


500g Raw Prawns, peeled and de-veined with tails intact
2 Cans Chickpeas, drained and rinsed
5 Cloves Garlic, sliced
2 tablespoon Red pepper flakes
1 Lemon, juiced
1/2 Cup Chopped parsley
1 Lemon, sliced into wedges, for garnish

Preheat oven to 250C.

Generously butter the bottom of a baking dish.

Add to baking dish; beans, 2 cloves garlic and salt and pepper to taste.

Bake for 4 minutes, stir and bake another 4 minutes.

Remove from oven, add raw prawns, scatter small cubes of butter, remaining garlic, red pepper flakes and squeeze in lemon juice.

Return to oven for 10 minutes until prawns are red and juices are bubbling.

Remove from oven and top with fresh parsley.

Mix everything and serve with lemon wedges.


*Feel like adding a salad?
Mix the cooked chickpeas into couscous or quinoa, add walnuts and red onions and serve roasted red pepper prawns on skewers for a delicious appetizer or meal.

They say food cravings reflect your feelings, in this instance it was absolutely true for me.
Prawns healed my feels! Emotional eating doesn’t have to be unhealthy.


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