A Few Quick Tips to Help You Stay Injury Free this Fall.

It’s likely that most of us have been feeling pretty great lately. The sun has been shining, we’ve taken some time off work to relax on holidays, skipped some workouts or maybe in the middle of a rest cycle. The summer is finally over, students are heading back to school and summer holidays are no more. It’s time to get back into our routines.

This is a friendly reminder to not overdo it. It’s also a great time to start forming some healthy habits.

At Work:

  • If you have a desk job, make sure you’re getting up every 20 minutes to an hour to move around.
  • Ensure your posture is in a relaxed neutral.


  • Set up your workstation in a fashion that allows you to sit for a long time without pain.

At the Box:

  • Ease into your training cycle. It takes your body time to catch up physically to where you probably feel mentally (energized and ready to set some new goals) after taking time off.
  • If you’re sore from a previous workout, you still need time to recover. Don’t ignore pain.
  • Settle into a great mobility routine.
    • Work with your coach on this one.
  • If you cross-fit 5-6 times per week it’s okay to do workouts at 60-80% effort
    • You’re body will thank you for this!

Chances are with all this time off some of those old injuries that you’d thought had healed are starting to resurface. This is because they never went away. You simply reduced your activity/work/stress level to the point where you could no longer feel symptoms. Well now that you’re increasing your activity again, the nagging pain point is back! This is a fantastic time to take that problem seriously and get it looked at. This could be the difference between having a productive training cycle or one with a full blown rotator cuff tear half way through.

Fortunately, I will be practicing much closer to home at Revive Whole Body Health in St. Albert. I’m an expert at finding and fixing unresolved muscle, nerve, and joint problems. For those of you dealing with injuries I will be at your service 5 minutes from the gym! Just call 780.460.7384 to book today. It’s a new season; take care of yourself, listen to your body, and manage your load carefully.

Dr. Doug Rawlick, D.C.

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