Meet one of Saint City South’s valued members, Numa Kwan. Numa says it like it is; “Not every day is a PR”. Success is not final and failure is not fatal, it’s the courage to continue that counts. We’re happy to have you be a part of the SCFCOMMUNITY Numa, a group of supportive, strong, humble athletes.

MEET Numa Kwan

“Crossfit…. how hard could it possibly be?” So I went to a box to try it out.Hardest thing I ever did.

Having grown up in Saskatchewan as a hockey player, I always thought I was relatively fit. Like many others my fitness routine involved “chest & triceps on Monday; abs & biceps on Tuesday; cardio on Wednesday”. The truth was I was moderately fit. Getting beat by everyone at everything in the box was proof of my mediocre fitness … talk about a blow to the ego.

As humbling as those first few experiences were, Crossfit was something I wanted to get better at. The words “NEVER AFRAID TO BE A BEGINNER” have opened me up to many new life experiences including Crossfit.



The community was very supportive and YouTube became my friend. I must have watched that “Chris Spealler butterfly pull up” video a million times because butterfly pull-ups looked so cool. I asked and sought out help from anyone in the gym on everything and anything.

I then took my CF Level 1 to gain more knowledge and insights. Coaching others then became an interest because of my initial experiences. We all started and improved from a beginning. Supporting and helping others was a natural way to “thank” those that helped me when I was a struggling with proper air squats and kipping pull-ups.


There is still a significant level of humbleness required as I continue my journey as an athlete and a person. I’ve had the privilege of meeting and competing with many people who have shared personal stories of how a healthy active lifestyle has changed their lives. Crossfit itself is just a methodology. It’s the community and people which make all the difference.


Being an avid traveller to many places in the world, there is always time to stop at the local box. Regardless of language barriers, an AMRAP is still an AMRAP and 21-15-9 still sucks. Suffering with other like-minded people brings us together.

Crossfit and the communities have changed my outlook on life for the better. I look forward to continuing my journey as an athlete as I work towards my own personal goals. Not every day is a PR, but putting in the work can be a PR in itself. Thanks to Brian, Morgan and Amanda K along with many others for your continued support.

See you in the Box!






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