Athlete of the Year

This year we will be starting a new tradition. At the annual Saint City Christmas party on December 17th @ 7PM, we will be announcing the winner of the Saint City Fitness Athlete of Year. This award has been a long time in the making as we wanted to make sure the prerequisites for winning such an award was well thought out and fit with our vision.

You will notice a display on the wall at the gym, above the kettlebells. The winner of this award will have their picture placed there for 11 months. This of course is just one of the many perks to being our Athlete of the Year. But you will have to wait to see what those are! After their 11 months, they will be able to take the canvas picture home with them and a new winner will be awarded.

This award will recognize the person who shows up and works hard. The person who trains regularly at the gym, spends the extra time focusing on areas of improvements and commits to the process. Below are the prerequisites (the short version) that have to be met in order to qualify as athlete of the year. This award is not about being socially connected or about being the fittest. Its about hard work, positive attitude, commitment to the gym and to themselves.


1) Puts in the work. Shows ups 4+ days per week and is committed to increasing their physical potential.

2) Has a positive attitude.

3) Willingness to receive feedback.

4) Participates in gym events.

5) Has shown major progress in their skill.

Please make sure that you attend the Christmas party! If you are the winner and you aren’t there to receive your award, that’s not cool.

We look forwards to presenting the first ever Saint City Fitness Athlete of the Year Award on December 17th!

-Enjoy the Process!

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