A New Coach on the Block

In order to fulfill our mission, it is our job to deliver quality coaching to our members. We put a lot of thought and time into hiring a coach. They have be a perfect fit with our values, our community and clearly understand our vision. After interviewing multiple candidates we have narrowed it down to one person who is a phenomenal fit with our team.

Meet Coach Adam.

We are super excited to welcome him to the Saint City Fitness team. We know that you are in good hands with Adam. His skills, education and experience make him a very valuable asset to our team.

When Adam is coaching you are most likely to hear Classic Rock.
His favorite thing about CrossFit is dropping heavy weights from overhead.
When he isn’t in the gym and it isn’t winter, Adam can be found playing golf or spending time with his wife and two kids.
Favorite color = Blue
When asked why he wanted to be a coach, Adam’s Response was “I really enjoy helping people attain their goals, be it high level athletes trying to improve sporting performance through to mature citizens trying to improve their quality of life.”

Meet Coach Adam
Coach Adam

More About Adam:

Bachelor of Science Kinesiology
CrossFit Level 2 Certification
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Alberta Fitness Leadership Certification Association
Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology
Exercise & Sport Science Australia
Fitness Institute Australia
Australian Weightlifting Federation
Australian Institute of Kettlebells

Sports and fitness have always been a major part of Adam’s life. He has been a competitive athlete for many years excelling at Hockey, Football, Lacrosse, Rugby and Taekwondo.  He graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology in 2003 and eventually went on become a strength and conditioning specialist for a world class facility in Australia. Adam discovered CrossFit in 2006.  His first workout was 35 Manmakers for time and once he recovered, he returned for more.  Adam has significant experience training clients with specific fitness goals. After discovering CrossFit, he began implementing different variations of CrossFit training into clients programs. He enjoys the multidimensional aspect of CrossFit including Olympic lifting, Gymnastics and Kettlebells – dynamic workouts that push your body to its limits. Adam is excited to share his passion for fitness with you!




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