What is Karma Class?

Karma Class is a FREE class offered once a month, on Sundays at Saint City. This class is a way to bring the community together to support our local food bank. Participants are asked to bring a foodbank donation to class with them. We have decided to use our local foodbank as the charity of choice due the the fact that the foodbank always seems to be needing more food. It helps out locally and within our community.

This class is also open to individuals who are NEW to CrossFit and want to give it a try. The workout is designed for beginners. There will be coaches onsite to help you through the workout and introduce you to the basic movements involved. At no point will you be doing this alone. We encourage members to bring family and friends with them to enjoy a fun workout together.

The best thing about CrossFit and Saint City is the community that we have created. Our community has done a lot of events to raise money for various charities, introduced many new people to our world of fitness which changed lives and participated in many events around our community. If you are considering taking a step towards reaching your fitness goals, come out to our upcoming Karma Class and learn about how Saint City Crossfit can help you.

Checkout Our Schedule Here for Class Times;


We hope to see you there!

– Enjoy the Process

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