Why Saint City?

Lets face it, walking into a gym can be very intimidating. Even if your a seasoned fitness pro, a new gym can still cause you to have a nervous feeling in your stomach. Saint City is an all inclusive fitness facility that welcomes all individuals no matter their fitness level, age or size. We have clients ranging in age from 6 to 70 year old. Each client works at their own pace at a level that is comfortable for them.

A CrossFit Gym – even though we are not a typical CrossFit Gym – has a coach in the gym, all day long, to guide and support you. You will not find that at a standard gym.When we started Saint City, we wanted to take the whole CrossFit design to another level. We offer an in house program for our CrossFit members, designed by Coach Auty. This program is designed with a lot of thought and thorough testing. Auty takes great pride in his programming and is always excited to share it with our members.

But what really makes Saint City different? About 40% of our members train with a program designed specifically for them, whether that program is designed by Coach Brian or someone else. We recognize that no two individuals are alike and what works for one individual may not work for another. Therefor, our facility has a combination of program design clients and CrossFit clients training at any given point. This offers such a unique dynamic in the gym and we love it!

The support of the coach and community offered to every person training does not change given the workout they are doing. Every person still receives coaching and encouragement. This is a very important point. Our coaches are trained to support any athlete in the gym at any given time.

Another unique feature of our gym is that we offer a full Wellness Facility. We offer 3 different nutrition programs to help you lead a healthier and more balanced life. Our  store stocks various supplements, healthy snacks, protein powders, clothing, etc. and we have onsite massage (St. Albert Sports Recovery) and physiotherapy services. We are constantly growing and expanding to accommodate our clients.

It is easy to sit here and explain everything that makes Saint City unique, but you really need to give it a try for yourself. If you are interested in giving Saint City a try, please contact us or drop in. We would be happy to introduce you to our gym.We know that you will love it as much as we do!

Enjoy the process!

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