Wellness at Saint City

In order to support our vision,

“to create a community of people who believe that wellness is the solution.”

We have implemented a complete Wellness Clinic at Saint City. Members have multiple services available to them in order to help them stay in optimal physical condition.
It is really hard for us to see a society where sickness and obesity is normal and widely accepted. There are many illnesses out there that could be completely avoided if our population was properly educated and supported in having healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits. Your health is completely in your control and you have to make the choice to change. You have to make your health your top priority because if you are not healthy, you will not be able to take care of your family, work or enjoy life to its fullest.

We only have one life. This is not a dress rehearsal. Every moment that goes by is another moment that you cannot get back. What are you doing to do to make the most of it?

Wellness Clinic Services;

  1. Complete Nutrition Analysis; Good nutrition is the foundation for overall health. It is also a critical component in reaching your fitness goals. You can spend hours in the gym every day training, but if you’re eating habits do not coincide with your fitness goals, your training will not be as effective as an athlete with clean nutrition habits. With the proper support, you can make the changes needed to be successful, whatever that means for you.Saint City Crossfit offers multiple nutrition packages to accommodate your current goals and needs.
  2. Life Style Assessment; It is easy for lack of sleep, stress and work to take precedent in your life. If you are going to be in optimal health condition it is imperative to learn ways to manage the obstacles you are facing.Saint City Crossfit offers a lifestyle analysis to help you understand how to overcome the current stressors you are facing in order to help you excel.
  3. Massage Services; St. Albert Sports Recovery is our onsite massage clinic. It doesn’t matter if you are an athlete or not, a massage will help you stay in optimal physical condition and help you relax. With clients that are Olympians and worldclass athletes, St. Albert Sports Recovery will help you achieve your goals. Do something nice for yourself; book a massage!You can book your appointment or learn more about St. Albert Sports Recovery here;
  4. Physiotherapy Services; Athletes Advantage Physiotherapy is our onsite physiotherapy clinic. They will help you recover from injury and prescribe programs to help you stay injury free. Trusted by world class athletes, Athletes Advantage Physiotherapy will help you stay in optimal physical condition so that you can remain pain free.You can book your appointment or learn more about St. Albert Sports Recovery here;
  5. Supplement & Food Store; We have supplements, protein bars and various food items onsite that you can purchase. All of our items have been researched and tried by our team.

We have spent the time creating the wellness clinic with you in mind. We want to set you up for success. Use these services, speak with your coach about your goals and get out there and conquer them.

– Enjoy the Process

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